Explosion Proof Security Camera Housing

Explosion Proof Housing

If you're looking to install security cameras in a hazardous area, an explosion-proof housing from the industrial security specialists at Camera Security Now could be the answer you've been looking for. Our EHX Series explosion-proof enclosure is designed to meet the rigorous requirements of dust-ignition proof electrical equipment. The enclosure meets NEMA Type 4X and IP66 Standards and is often deployed in the chemical, plastics and rubber, furniture, steel, and the oil and gas industries to name a few. In general, this is the camera housing you want anywhere there is a serious risk of ignition from flammable materials.

What makes our explosion-proof housing unique is the ability to adjust your camera and lens with the mounting sled and track assembly. This makes changing your camera's field of view quick and easy. Additionally, this housing is water-proof and dust-tight meaning it is suitable for marine, desert, and most other harsh environments.

Our explosion-proof housing carries the following certifications/ratings: CE • UL/cUL • Classified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. as to explosion and fire hazard only • Type 4X enclosure for use in hazardous locations • Class I, Groups C and D – Class II, Groups E, F, and G • Class I, Zone 1, AEx d IIB, Ex d IIB • 03 ATEX 0318166U • 0539 II 2 G EEx d IIB • II 2 D, IP 66 • Suitable for marine outside (saltwater) use, for vessels over 65 feet in length.

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This Dahua explosion-proof camera features a powerful 30x optical zoom and provides an all-in-one solution for capturing long-distance video in critical environments. This camera also uses the H.265 video compression standard to reduce required storage space while still maintaining a high quality video. All these features combined make this camera perfect for keeping your business safe in extreme environments.


This explosion-proof camera from Pelco is one of the toughest cameras available. With an IP68 rating and its welded enclosure this camera can survive the harshest envrionment on the planet, from extreme cold and heat, to heavy winds and dust. Included with these features are the long-range IR lights that allow the camera to see up to 200m (656ft) at night and with a 30x zoom this camera can capture anything day, or night.


From Axis Communications comes a unique explosion-proof camera hosuing designed to protect PTZ cameras. While offering the same reliable protection from the most extreme environments this PTZ camera housing will allow you to cover much more ground with just one camera making it a great cost-effective option.

How We Build An Explosion Proof Housing Unit For Your Camera

Step 1: Assemble

From scratch, we build the housing to fit whatever camera choice you've selected. The picture above shows just one of the several different cameras that can go inside an explosion proof housing unit.

Step 2: Wire & Test

Next, we run wires through the housing and close the explosion proof sealable fittings. Before installation, we turn it on and make certain that the camera functions properly and is angeled correctly so you're able to capture high quality footage without the housing blocking your view.

Step 3: Install

Finally, we come to your site and install! After installation, we show you how your system works and answer any questions you have to ensure that you're 100% satisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions For Explosion Proof Cameras

Do certain brands produce better explosion proof cameras?

While the quality of the cameras provided by different security camera brands is often up for debate, there are brands that offer a better variety. Not many brands offer explosion proof cameras, or even explosion proof housing. Most brands simply offer a single explosion proof housing for a specific camera type, like a bullet camera, but other brands may offer dozens of not only explosion proof housing but explosion proof cameras. When looking for a specific camera feature such as explosion proof housing be sure to do your research or contact our camera specialists at Camera Security Now so we can help you find the perfect camera.

What are IP and IK ratings?

To put it simply an IP rating tells you how protected your camera is against the weather and an IK raitng tells you how resistant your camera is to impacts. For example, an IP 68 camera is the highest IP rating a camera can get, this means the camera is completely protected from dust and can survive long-term immersion in water which makes it resiliant to the elements. On the other hand, the highest IK rating is IK 10. This rating means your camera can survive a 20 joule impact and an 11 pound object falling on it from a height of 15 inches.

Does explosion proof housing hinder the video quality?

Putting a camera inside of an explosion proof housing will not reduce the quality of your video at all. Your camera can still record high quality video thanks to technology called Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), this technology allows cameras to capture quality video even through the glass barrier on an explosion proof housing. The camera does this by giving itself a wider dynamic range by utilizing dynamic contrast and capture capabilites to give you a clear picture no matter what.

Nationwide Explosion Proof Cameras

Our corporate office is located in Middletown, Ohio between Dayton and Cincinnati. Camera Security Now offers a network of technicians across the United States and are experts at installing and servicing explosion proof security cameras in all 50 states.

All of our explosion proof security camera installations are backed with the same customer satisfaction guarantee that we extend to local clients, regardless of your business location. With service represenatives at the ready to answer any question or handle any problem, we put the customer first, evey time.

For an explosion proof security camera estimate, we require a site visit, which typically requires a fee. However, we offer free onsite estimates for businesses local to us in the following areas: