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The fisheye feature, when implemented in our megapixel IP cameras, allows you to monitor all angles (Provides 360° and 180° panorama view) of a location using just one camera. The distorted hemispherical image of the fisheye camera will be converted into the conventional rectilinear format of four standard camera images.

Without installing any software, you can watch live view from our fisheye cameras and utilize functions such as a virtual PTZ function, motion detection, privacy mask, two way audio, digital object tracking, and alert notification through the Web interface using an IE browser.

Additionally, our GeoVision fisheye cameras, mounted on the ceiling, wall or ground, seamlessly integrates with our GeoVision Network Video Recorders, providing advanced monitoring and video management features.

Ask about the newest models of GeoVision fisheye cameras that support the H.265 codec to achieve a better compression ratio (meaning lower file sizes and increased video retention) while maintaining high picture quality at reduced network bandwidths

Click here to visit our YouTube channel and a video on GeoVision fisheye features.

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The Axis M3037-PVE camera is a cost-effective solution that offers views from 180 to 360 degrees. This camera also comes equipped with a built-in speaker and microphone and offers weatherproof capabilities, allowing it to be placed outside and withstand harsh weather. With all these feautes combined this makes for a perfect camera to put wherever help is needed detecting activity, tracking the flow of people, or improving situational awareness.


This Geovision GV-FER5701 model fisheye camera is a 5 MP outdoor fisheye camera that will allow you to monitor every angle of a location. This model comes equipped with IR features allowing for night time viewing and also supports H.265 video codec which allow the video to take up less storage space while still keeping a high video quality.


This fisheye camera from Uniview offers embedded IR light and has an IR distance of 10m (35ft). Along with that the IC868ER-CF18-B model also boasts 2D/3D digital noise reduction that's accompanied by a built in microphone and speaker that supports two-way talk. This Uniview fisheye camera is ideal for placement at entryways or any high traffic area of your business that could benefit from the unqiue two-way talk system this camera provides.

Frequently Asked Questions For Fisheye Cameras

How can I normally view my fisheye camera?

All fisheye cameras record a warped video, what that means is that the video is curved like a panoramic photo when it's recorded. However, you will always see the video as if it were a regular square image. This is because your NVR will automatically de-warp your fisheye camera footage and usually break it into four different recordings, each showing a different area that the fisheye camera watches over, and these recordings will be shown normally as an easily viewable square image.

Are fisheye cameras better indoors or outdoors?

Fisheye cameras are great for either indoor or outdoor areas. Since fisheye cameras can watch over large areas, thanks to their 360 degree view, they are ideal for watching over large spaces indoors or out. One fisheye camera can replace multiple cameras needed to watch over a lobby, factory floor, parking lot, or outdoor storage area. This makes fisheye cameras ideal for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

Does footage from a fisheye camera take up more storage space?

No, all footage recorded by a fisheye camera will typically take up the same storage space as your usualy security camera. This happens thanks in part to video codecs like H.265 which compress the footage of a camera. This means that the footage will take up less storage space while still retaining a high quality resolution.

Nationwide Fisheye Security Cameras

Our corporate office is located in Middletown, Ohio between Dayton and Cincinnati. Camera Security Now offers a network of expert technicians across the United States who specialize in servicing and installing fisheye security cameras in all 50 states.

All of our fisheye security camera installations are backed with the same customer satisfaction guarantee that we extend to local clients, regardless of your business location. With service representatives at the ready to answer any question or handle any problem, we put the customer first, every time.

For a fisheye security camera estimate, we require a site visit, which typically requires a fee. However, we offer free onsite estimates for businesses local to us in the following areas: