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Our Uniview Network Video Recorders (NVR), powered by Uni OS provides a simple and intuitive user operation experience. They are our every day go-to brand for an NVR solution for small, medium, and large clients nationwide who demand a higher quality feature set than can be found with an entry-level product, yet do not need the enterprise features found in costlier higher-end NVR's.

Dahua network video recorders are found at the heart of our cost-effective, entry-level, security camera systems. Running a Linus OS, Dahua NVR's are equipped with various video channel capacities and physical sizes to cater to various use cases. With the Dahua four-channel unit small box recorder typically used in applications at home or small businesses like retail shops.

Our Geovision NVR products, though still offering a cost to performance value, are generally considered to be a higher-end solution and are better suited for large security camera installations. GeoVsion offers both Windows PC based NVR's and Linx-based standalone model with the full support of third party IP cameras, advanced analytics, and enterprise-level video storage options.

An AXIS Network Video recorder ensures you are protected by the top-tier of surveillance hardware. With an easy-to-install and reliable High Definition NVR solution perfectly adapted to Axis wide range of security camera products. The AXIS recorders are preloaded with all necessary software including video management software licenses. From manufacturing facilities, government facilities, schools, and retail, AXIS meets the requirements of a wide variety of businesses and industries. It’s ideal whenever reliable and secure surveillance is required.

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What Is An NVR?

A network video recorder (NVR) is a piece of hardware, which is sometimes a standard computer or sometimes a stand-alone set-top box, that is connected to a network of security cameras. The NVR contains one or more hard drives on which the video data (video clips) from your security cameras are recorded, stored, and managed. The NVR is also responsible for all video analytic features and remote access to live and pre-recorded video.


All UNV NVRs support one-click firmware upgrade, upgrade via cloud, and plug & play for installers and end users to use easily. While troubleshooting, it’s also easy to output diagnosis log by one-click. Also, the NVR provide various methods for system maintain, for example network condition detection, POE port vitalization, USB recovery tools, to ease the process of system repair.


GeoVison Network Video Recorders capture security camera video and audio data over TCP/IP networks. From monitoring features to video analytics as well as integration with LPR, POS/ATM and Access Control systems, the GeiVision NVR is one of the most full-featured IP surveillance solutions sold today. With additional licenses, GeoVisoin NVRs support to 32 channels of third-party IP devices.


Our Dahua network video recorders deliver excellent performance and high recording quality that is ideally suitable for IP video surveillance applications. Dahua network video recorders can provide the capability of 4K resolution processing for applications, where image details are highly required.

Frequently Asked Questions For NVRs

How many cameras can an NVR support?

The number of cameras that can hook up to and be supported by an NVR is dependent on the number of channels that NVR has. Most NVRs have 16-32 channels allowing for that many cameras to be wired to that NVR. However, depending on the NVR you get your NVR can have up to 64 channels which is ideal for large businesses that need multiple cameras throughout their property.

Is an NVR only used to store camera footage?

There are two main functions to an NVR, those functions being storing camera footage and supporting software that your cameras use. Some cameras have additional features such as a de-warping feature that is used to turn panoramic video given by fisheye cameras into regular footage for easier viewing. Software like this is installed onto your NVR and is used by the corresponding cameras.

How much video can be stored on an NVR?

Once again this is dependent on the NVR you buy and how much storage space it offers. It also depends on how many cameras are sending footage to the NVR and the quality of that footage. Ultimately though with all NVRs, no matter how much storage space they offer, you will run out of storage space. To solve this problem your NVR deletes past footage on an interval that you set say for example, every two weeks. This frees up space and allows your cameras to keep recording but it means you can't keep your camera footage forever.


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