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Unlike traditional cameras, thermal cameras don't require visible light in order to catch viewable footage. Instead they detect an object or person by their temperature! When reviewing footage, you'll see a wide variety of colors that depict all objects or people in-sight of your camera. Bright colors like orange, red, and yellow indicate warmer temperatures, while colors such as dark blue, and purple specify objects with cooler temperatures.

Since thermal cameras have the ability to work in both bright and/or dark environments, they are ideal for any area that is needing to be protected throughout the day and night. Additionally, these cameras can reveal intruders even in regions where rain, fog, or smoke is present.

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This hybrid thermal camera from Dahua brings many unique feautres to the table. Not only does it offer thermal imaging, this camera is coupled with a 2MP light sensor along with IR capabilities which allow the camera to see through total darkness, rain, fog, and snow. With all these feautres combined this extraordinary camera from Dahua offers superior video in any lighting condition.


Geovision presents an astounding outdoor thermal camera, perfect for any security needs. The GV-TM0100 from Geovision is able to detect human sized targets 1450m (4757ft) away and can detect vehicles even farther, at 1850m (6070ft). Along with the incredible visibility in any lighting, the camera can be easily configured through a web interface using the software included with the camera.


From Axis Communications comes a perfect thermal camera designed for, around-the-clock, 24/7 protection. The Q19 thermal camera is perfect for perimeter protection, able to detect people, objects, and any kind of incident no matter what the lighting condition is. Unique to the Q19 camera is its' electronic image stabilization (EIS) which allows this camera to capture smooth and steady images in windy conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions For Thermal Cameras

Can thermal cameras detect fevers?

Thermal cameras can not detect fevers. A thermal camera measures the temperature of a surface and while it may be able to detect someone who appears to have fever-like temperatures, further temperature readings with a thermometer could show a regular temperature. So while thermal cameras can be used to detect fever-like temperatures in people it is not what they are designed to do and taking the temperature of a person via thermometer will yield more accurate results.

Do thermal cameras only show thermal imaging footage?

This depends on the type of thermal camera you buy. While most thermal cameras are just that, thermal cameras, there are some hybrid cameras that combine both a thermal and normal camera together. These types of hybrid cameras usually come with IR sensors so you can capture regular, IR, and thermal imaging security footage which allows you to watch over an area regardless of the lighting conditions.

Do thermal cameras have poor video quality?

Due to how thermal cameras record footage high quality footage isn't really needed. Since thermal cameras only capture the general shapes of objects and their temperatures a themal camera doesn't need high quality footage to detect fine details, because the camera doesn't record fine details. Now this doesn't mean your thermal camera footage will be grainy and pixelated, there is still quality to the video, it just means you won't have footage at such a high quality that you can pick out fine details as if it were a normal camera.

Nationwide Thermal Cameras Available

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