Vandal Proof Security Cameras

Having your security camera protected in a commercial, or detention grade, vandal proof housing can be invaluable for your goal of recording critical video. In addition to protecting your security cameras from harm by human hands, a vandal proof housing can protect against environmental or industrial dangers as well. When safety is important, then the safety of your security cameras is important as well. So be sure to chat with your security camera consultant, explain your environment, and your concerns, to make sure your next security camera system has the level of vandal protection you need.

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While not a camera on its own this vandal-proof housing from Dahua is one of the toughest on the market. When equipped to your cameras this housing provides IP67 protection, keeping it safe from the elements and enabling the camera to suvive partially submerged in water. This housing more importantly offers IK10 vandal resistance, allowing it to withstand blows from humans. This housing also can come with optional IR illumination and heater to allow your camera to see at night and prevent it from freezing in the winter.


Geovision presents a vandal proof camera ideal for any of your security needs. With IP67 and IK10 protection this camera can withstand almost anything nature or people have to throw at it. Along with 100ft of IR night vision and H.265 video codec for better video compression, this camera will keep your business safe and sound no matter what might try to take it down.


Uniview offers a brand new, low profile, vandal proof camera. With 4MP video quality and the efficient H.265 video codec you can get quality footage without taking up all the space on your NVR. Also included with this camera is two-way audio and IR LED lights that allow for up to 50ft of night vision.

Frequently Asked Questions For Vandal Proof Cameras

What makes a camera vandal proof?

What makes a camera vandal proof is how resistant it is to impacts. This can be judged by an IK rating. IK ratings indicate how much force a camera or its housing can take before either is damaged. For example a camera, or housing, rated IK-10 can withstand a 20 Joule impact before it sustains damage. Such resistance to impacts is due to heavier materials used to make the camera or its housing.

Are all cameras vandal proof?

No, unlike most features such as night vision and weather resistance not all cameras are vandal proof. Cameras that need to be vandal proof, or more specifically, withstand impacts are usually made speciffically to stand up in harsh environments where they might be exposed to violent impacts. Because of the toughness of these cameras and their use in harsh environments, impact resistance is a niche feature.

Can I make a camera vandal proof?

If you need to make a camera vandal proof, or impact resistant, you can purchase impact resistant housing that goes around your camera. This is only available for speciffic cameras though, there aren't many one-size-fits-all housings and you will often have to purchase such housing from the brand that made your camera. If you need help finding such vandal proof housings to equip your cameras with don't hesitate to call our specialists at Camera Security Now and let them help you find the perfect housing for your cameras.

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