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A camera's ability to withstand exposure to the elements is measured by its Ingress Protection Rating (IP Rating). The IP rating (a two digit number with 69 being the maximum possible protection) of an outdoor camera will tell how secure your camera is from different weather situations. Weatherproofing protects your security cameras from things like harsh winds, rain, dust, dirt, ice, snow, and other factors. When using cameras outdoors, or even in harsh indoor environments, be sure your cameras are protected with the necessary housings, heaters, and blowers to keep them safe and running for years to come.

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If you're looking for a high quality, cost-efficient weatherproof camera then look no further. Axis Communications offers one of the best weatherproof cameras availabe, with 5MP resolution along with a remote zoom and focus feature this camera can look anywhere, anytime. With an IK-10 and IP-66 rating this camera can withstand both extreme weather and impacts which makes damaging this camera as tough as it gets.


Uniview offers a durable and robust weatherproof camera for all your security needs. With 2688x1520 resolution and up to 160ft of IR night-vision can give you a clean picture no matter what. Along with that the camera is rated IK-10 and IP-67 meaning it can withstand impacts, severe weather, and can be submerged in water for short periods of time and still function. So if you need a camera in an area with potentially hazardous weather then look no furhter.


This Dahua camera brings to the table a smart motion sensor for vastly improved perimeter and alarm accuracy designed to keep a secure perimeter. Along with an IR night-vision view of 160ft and Dahua Starlight Technology for low-light applications this camera can give a clear view despite bad conditions. Speaking of bad conditions this camera also sports an IK-10 and IP-67 rating allowing it to withstand impacts and survive being temporarily submerged in water, allowing it to deliver quality video in the harshest of environments.

Frequently Asked Questions For Weatherproof Cameras

Are all cameras weatherproof?

No, not all cameras are weatherproof. Some cameras are not built with weatherproof casing and are meant to be used indoors where they aren't exposed to moisture, dirt, and other debris. While a weatherproof or indoor camera may have the same features they do not have the same case and that it what defines the difference between the two.

What are IP ratings?

An IP rating simply tells you how resistant a camera is to things like dust and water along with how much of each the camera can withstand. IP ratings vary from IP-00 all the way to IP-68. For more conclusive information on what an IP rating is and how to read it be sure to check our blog on camera IP ratings.

Can weatherproof cameras provide clear images despite harsh weather?

This is entirely dependent on the camera you buy and who you buy it from. Some cameras and brands offer software and technology that will allow your camera to see clearly past heavy rain or provide a stable image in high winds. However, not all weatherproof cameras have this and if you are looking for cameras with higher-end software be sure to contact our specialists at Camera Security Now and let us help you find the perfect camera.

Nationwide Weatherproof Security Cameras

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