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Surveillance Cameras for Regional Transit Authority (RTA)

Regional Transit Authority

Regional Transit Authorities often have a lot invested in their equipment and infrastructure, and that investment needs to be protected with a camera system. Bus depots, garages, train stations, parking lots, maintenance bays, entrances and exits all need round the clock surveillance systems. Cameras are great deterrents for theft, vandalism, and other criminal activity, and invaluable to investigations when an incident does occur.

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Government Agencies

Some of our longest and best customer relationships are with local government agencies, so we understand the varying and unique needs each agency faces. We have experience working with technology and security standards and expectations that can differ greatly from one facility to the next. We're confident that we can customize a camera solution that fits your requirements.

PTZ Cameras

For Regional Transit Authorities

To best protect the expensive equipment associated with Regional Transit Authorities, let Camera Security Now provide your site with a PTZ camera! PTZ cameras monitor a large area by using a moving lens to cover any area around the camera. Additionally, these cameras automatically refocus when you zoom in or out so you always get a crystal clear image. These movements are controlled by you using the remote access app which allows you to change what area your camera is covering, no matter your location. Click here to learn more about how a PTZ camera can better protect your RTA.