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Security Systems for Medical Diagnostic Facilities

Medical Diagnostic Facilities, also known as diagnostic imaging centers or clinical laboratories, among other medical facilities, hold many valuable assets that are attractive to criminals or other undesireable parties. Not only are these facilities full of expensive and delicate testing equipment, patient data is also something that needs protected. It's important to keep this patient data, their families, and employees safe from harm, theft, or any other type of crime. Worrying about a solution that keeps everyone and every product/record safe shouldn't be a concern. Whether you need to purchase and/or install security cameras for an MRI or CT Scan imaging center, security cameras for a mammography center, or cameras for any other kind of diagnostic center, let Camera Security Now help you focus on delivering quality, patient-centered care, in addition to managing daily operations.

Installing a camera security system is a quick, effective way to ensure that all property and individuals are kept safe, and that any incident is properly recorded for review and legal action if needed. Protecting your patients and staff can be as easy as getting a system installed within your building and also in the parking lot if you are buying a diagnostic facility security system for access control purposes.

With years of security camera installation experience, the techs at Camera Security Now are dedicated to installing a security system that keeps everyone safe in a way that doesn't interfere with daily business.

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Diagnostic Facility Security Solutions

Access Control

The most common application of an access control system is to decide who is allowed in/out of a specific area, on a specific day, at specific hours. When you can control who is allowed within a certain area, the chances of criminal activity arising are cut in half - not to mention the benefits of using keyscan panels to restrict where visitors can enter or the usability of cameras for managerial process improvement.
Pharmaceutical Control

Modern advances in security system technology make a security camera system the perfect fit for the everyday needs of diagnostic facility security. Modern advances such as missing object detection that will alert you when something that was in the field of view of the camera has been removed, and options to allow for notification.
Restricted Area Security Cameras

Diagnostic facilities are full of restricted areas where visitors may not be allowed. Properly monitoring visitors means being able to see where individuals are, and where they are going. When you buy a security camera access control system from Camera Security Now, you ensure only authorized individuals are accessing restricted areas.

Featured Products For Diagnostic Facilities

Geovision Network Video Recorder

Our GeoVision Network-attached storage (GV-NAS) solutions are stand alone Windows-based storage designed to store GeoVision IP camera video . The GV-NAS system features a built in LED screen and Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (RAID) to ensure data security across two hot-swappable drives.

Geovision NVRs starting at $500 and up

Geovision Camera Reader Controller

With a 2MP camera built in, this keycard reader is used for access control. With just the push of a button, the connected app on your phone will alert you of someone needing access. This allows entry to an area remotely, reducing the need for on-site staff.

Geovision keycard readers priced at under $200

Axis 4K Network Bullet Cameras

At a surprisingly affordable price, this 1080p camera is the perfect choice when you need a small, easy-to-install camera, whether indoors or out. With built-in IR illumination, this small bullet camera certainly packs a punch for the price.

Buy Axis bullet cameras starting under $200

Useful Tips For Diagnostic Facility Security Cameras

The Benefits of Thermal Cameras

Is your business worried about the spread of COVID-19? In order to support the fight against the novel coronavirus, we are now offering Thermal Security Cameras. Many companies, like Amazon, have already started using thermal cameras at their operations facilities to ease the process of screening employees for a fever that may be related to the coronavirus.

4K Security Cameras Are Here!

In the search to provide better security for their physical workplace, employees, customers, and equipment; business owners are constantly on the lookout for the latest options in the world of security cameras.

Selecting the Right Camera Partners

With the security of your employees, customers, vendors, equipment, and work-site on the line, it’s important to know that you’re in good company when selecting a company to install and service your security camera system.

Frequently Asked Questions For Diagnostic Facility Security Systems

Lifespan Of Cameras
What is the lifespan of the average camrea?

A professional-grade security camera from a manufacturer like Uniview, Axis, GeoVision, etc should be expected to last between four to eight years. Security cameras that are indoors should be expected to last longer than cameras installed outdoors and security cameras that are properly installed and protected from electrical surges would also be expected to have a longer lifespan. Pro Tip - All electronics will fail. Be sure to source your security cameras from a dependable supplier who will be there when they do.

Storage Requirements For Cameras
How do I view cameras remotely?

You can use your computer, laptop, cell phone, or other mobile device to remotely view your camera system. Internet access is required where the security cameras are installed and the site where remote viewing is desired.

Do Brands Offer Different Cameras
What does each security camera brand offer?

While offering many of the same features and functionality, such as Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), Infrared (IR) ranges, IP ratings, low light ratings, plug and play features, ease of use, etc.., the primary differentiators in brands of security cameras are durability, support, and country of origin. Given that a security camera has a feature set that meets your need, be sure to consider the differentiators mentioned above.

Free Remote Lifetime System Health Check

To help keep our clients safe and protected, all security camera systems sold by Camera Security Now come with a free, remote, monthly system health checkup for the lifespan of the camera system (restrictions may apply). Our goal is to help make sure your diagnostic facility cameras will be online when you need them the most. With our Free System Health Check, a qualified technician will:

  • Perform an NVR hard drive health check
  • Ensure cameras are recording per their schedule
  • Ensure that the correct time and date stamp is set

  • Verify camera lenses are focused and adjusted properly
  • Verify cameras are aligned and have not been knocked off their proper view
  • Verify any pan, tilt, and zoom functions are working correctly

A thorough report outlining any problems detected will be provided to our clients at no cost.
Issues can be resolved by our clients or by a qualified technician from CameraSecurityNow (standard labor rates will apply).

Ask your sales representative about our Pro System Health Check Plans for even more protection.

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Nationwide Diagnostic Facility Security Cameras

Our corporate office is located in Middletown, Ohio between Dayton and Cincinnati. Camera Security Now offers a network of technicians across the United States and have installed and serviced security cameras for diagnostic facilities in all 50 states.

All of our security camera installations are backed with the same customer satisfaction guarantee that we extend to local clients, regardless of the size or location of your diagnostic facility. With service represenatives at the ready to answer any question or handle any problem, we put the customer first, evey time.

For a diagnostic facility security camera estimate, we require a site visit, which typically requires a fee. We offer free onsite estimates for diagnostic facilities local to us in the following areas: