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Surveillance for Pharmacies and Other Medical Facilities

Pharmacies and other medical facilities are businesses that hold many valuable assets that can be attractive to criminals or other undesirable parties. Additionally, with the large amounts of foot traffic going into and coming out of these facilities, it is important to keep patients, employees, and their families safe from theft, harm, or any other type of crime. With more important things to think about — like getting the patients the correct medicine and ordering inventory — it can be difficult to find a solution that keeps everyone and every product/record safe.

Installing a camera security system is a quick, effective way to ensure that all property and individuals are kept safe, and that any incident is properly recorded for review and legal action, if needed. Protecting your customers, patients, and pharmacists can be as easy as getting a system installed within your building and also in the parking lot.

With years of security camera installation experience, the techs at Camera Security Now are dedicated to installing a surveillance system that keeps everyone safe in a way that doesn't interfere with daily business.

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Pharmacy Security Cameras

Security cameras are crucial in keeping assets secure in large medical facilities like hospitals and are equally effective in keeping smaller spaces like clinics and pharmacies safe. Having a robust camera security system discourages potential thieves and helps to keep track of both who is coming and going and incidents surrounding the perimeter of your facility. Given the sensitive materials and records in a pharmacy, having a surveillance system in place is a critical, but sometimes an overlooked aspect of running a pharmacy or other facility. Working with Camera Security Now gives you access to experienced camera security professionals who can make system reccomendations and provide security insights.

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Pharmacy Cameras

Requiring only access to power and an internet connection on site, camera systems from Camera Security Now are accessible remotely on smart phones and computers. This gives pharmacists, police, and other parties the ability to safely view camera footage remotely and ensure their space is secure at all hours. The experienced techs at Camera Security Now use their collected experience to make system reccomendations based on your needs and safety goals. Call today for more information or an analysis of your current security camera situation.

Medical Dispensary Security

Medical marijuana dispensaries are a fast-growing market segment supplying cannabis to more and more patients by the day. Running or being involved in a cannabis dispensary is an involved endeavor that brings its own set of potential risks. Protecting your dispensary from internal and external theft, along with ensuring that your inventory stays secure is easy with a comprehensive camera security system. Talk to one of our Camera Rental agents today to learn more about the ways a surveillance system can benefit your dispensary.

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