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A security camera system for your car dealership can be a valuable asset in more ways that you might imagine. Not only can a security camera system on your dealership's lot help deter theft and vandalism, it can also be a great sales aid for your staff. Acting as an early warning ,so to speak, of new customers on your lot an easy to monitor security camera system allows your sales staff to make sure that no potential customer goes long without being greeted.

Not only is a surveillance system a great aid to observe the activity on the lot itself, it's also a great management aid in the shop and inventory storage areas of a dealership. Inventory loss is a constant concern for all business and the automotive industry is no different.

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With a car dealership, your entire livelihood is resting in basically a parking lot all day and all night. Anyone could just walk up to anyone of these brand new cars and attempt to steal it or vandalize it. While the large, bright lights that illuminate the dealership lot do help in deterring anyone from causing trouble, there are still people out there that won't be swayed. That is where a security system comes in really handy.

Modern security camera systems, like the ones from, contain things like high-capacity NVRs and DVRs that allow you to store massive amounts of footage, HD security cameras to give you unparalleled video quality, and the ability to remotely view your camera footage and feeds anywhere on your laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone. For the next level in car dealership security, there's nothing better than a security camera system from!

PTZ Cameras

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With a large lot full of cars, your dealership needs a camera that can overlook your entire property and capture clear, high quality images. A PTZ camera from Camera Security Now offers exactly that, and everything from remote access to the ability of pan, tilt, or zoom camera movements so no product or person is left unmonitored. Such abilities allow PTZ cameras to capture easily viewable footage even though they're mostly mounted high up in the air.

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