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Surveillance Systems For Car Washes

Does your car wash have or want to prevent problems such as fraudulent claims, car accidents, vandalism, or other crimes? If so, a security camera system is the solution you've been searching for! Here at Camera Security Now, we have all the cameras you need to make your car wash more secure including cameras that can withstand being constantly wet and have the ability to record so you can have video proof of any crimes that arise.

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A security camera system for your car wash is essential in protecting your business from criminals who often see car washes as easy targets. With a surveillance system at your car wash, you can prevent crimes such as false damage claims, credit card skimming, and theft, and have video evidence for when a crime does occur.

Here at Camera Security Now, we have all the cameras you need to protect your business. We have cameras specifically for car washes that are IP66 (Ingress Protection) meaning they have an enclosure that's dust tight, and won't have harmful effects on your cameras even when hit by water projected from powerful jets. We also have security cameras for the outside of your building that are helpful in recording hit-and-runs, parking lot accidents, and other car related incidents.

In addition, our security cameras give you the ability to remotely watch your site at no extra cost. You can keep an eye on your employees, and equipment, giving you peace of mind knowing that your business is protected and secure. Contact us today to learn more about how a security camera system can benefit your car wash!

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Our car wash surveillance systems capture every angle within the wash so if any damage claim is brought to you, you can review your footage and see where and what caused the problem. These systems not only ensure that someone is telling the truth, but also they're a great resource for seeing how your equipment is operating and if any adjustments are needed.

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