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The city of Loveland, Ohio, also known as the "Sweetheart of Ohio", is a city about 15 miles northeast of Cincinnati where the population count is just under 13,000. Camera Security Now offers residential and business security cameras and their installation from our experienced camera specialists to the small city of Loveland and the surrounding areas of Miami Township in Clermont County and Symmes Township in Hamilton County.

In fact, the Little Miami river that runs through Loveland is lined with countless Sand & Gravel companies and other firms in the Aggregate Industries who as a single market segment are amongst our most prolific clients. Making good use of security cameras around their large properties for management control, safety, and security.

For Loveland business owners of all types, our security camera systems offer a variety of features such as remote access to live video from the cameras with no monthly fees. Remote live viewing can help give a business owner peace of mind when they are out of town and want to keep an eye on operations. Other useful features include optional access control for doors or gates which can improve your physical security while also giving you remote control and remote access to live data about the status of your access control points.

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PTZ Security Cameras

Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Cameras

A PTZ Camera gives your business the power to monitor your area in the exact way you see fit. Monitoring a large area from a single point? A PTZ Camera lets you survey different parts of a space from different angles and zoom in on certain things to get a closer look. The GeoVision line of PTZ cameras offer up to 2MP/1080P video at 60FPS, with a 220° tilt angle to include more background information.

Infrared Security Cameras

Infrared Security Cameras

Cameras using only visible light technology are blind at night, which is probably when you need cameras the most! Even with motion detection lighting, your cameras can miss important activity outside of illuminated areas or during the few seconds where the camera has not adjusted to the sudden change in light conditions. The Axis line of IR Security Cameras features a long-range OptimizedIR which enables the camera's IR LEDs to automatically adjust to the camera zoom, so the entire field of view is always evenly illuminated. This is ideal for keeping security in the Loveland area!

Fisheye Security Cameras

Fisheye Cameras

Fisheye cameras allow you to view all angles of your site, with just one camera. While footage is being recorded, its converted to four standard camera images so its able to be viewed easily off of a monitor or mobile device. You can watch live view, use motion detection, enable alert notification, and much more with our fisheye cameras, without having to install any software! The newest models of GeoVision fisheye cameras that support the H.265 codec to achieve a better compression ratio (meaning lower file sizes and increased video retention) while maintaining high picture quality at reduced network bandwidths, great for office space or manufacturing facilities in Loveland!

Security Cameras With License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition

With a security camera that captures license plate information, you will be able to collect video evidence from your parking lot for when incidents occur. This footage can be very useful in finding out who is responsible for an accident or any other crime, and valuable to the police for an investigation if needed. The Uniview Pro series of cameras, offering LPR (license plate recognition), LPD (license plate detection), and auto tracking functions, are perfect for businesses in the Wards Corner Business Park or in any facility in the Loveland, Miami, or Symmes Township.

Ohio Security Cameras

Security Cameras, Access Control & Installation in Ohio


Our IP security camera systems help federal, state, and municipal government agencies in Ohio and monitor their vital infrastructure as well as remote locations. From city parks, police interrogation rooms, libraries, etc, we offer government agencies the most cost effective and advanced IP surveillance systems available today.

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Video surveillance is the perfect tool for Ohio business owners and managers to better manage their business. Security cameras installed in your business can provide critical video resources to monitor employee and customer theft, false workers compensation claims, inventory control etc.

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Security camera systems in schools are now critical to help protect the most valuable and cherished among us, our children. State of the art IP surveillance systems can be quickly deployed to protect Ohio educational facilities ranging from smaller day cares or elementary schools, to large high school and college campuses.

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Professional grade video surveillance in residential environments is now possible with easy to install high resolution IP cameras at affordable prices never before imagined. Homeowners in Ohio looking for a serious security camera solution can count on our turnkey service for the complete sales, installation, and service experience.

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Top Tier Service

Over 30 Years Of Experience in Loveland, Ohio

Camera Security Now has a network of technicians who can service the Loveland area and we value customer service above all else. We can provide an estimate for hardware after a brief consultation over the phone or email. For an installation estimate, we require a site visit. We happily include this for customers local to Loveland! Many business owners choose to install their own systems, and we can provide any technical support necessary to get your system up and running to your satisfaction.

Our technicians are capable of handling your security system installation from start to finish if you need help with the setup, and after the installation is completed our equipment and installation are backed up with a warranty and our premium customer support.

Security Cameras for Loveland Businesses

Need to help keep your business safe in Loveland? Camerasecuritynow has the team and equipment to keep your business safe and sound! With expert security consultants and a knowledgeable local team of technicians to help with installations, we make it as easy as ever to get the right camera security system your business needs. We serve a wide variety of businesses in Ohio and can get your security system set up whatever your business.

Some of the many Loveland businesses and industries we serve include: